about us

Our story

LeBahut came to life during a tough period in the education system: COVID-19. A teacher, with an international experience saw a need to bridge the gap between individualized learning such as Montessori, and the traditional educational system. Montessori being only offered in early childhood, Lebahut aims to unlock the potential of children through one-on-one learning. We also offer an array of activity, giving the opportunity to children to develop new skills.

why choose us

Respect, Courtesy & Politeness

We teach children to respect their peers, their teachers and the environment they are in.


It is important to teach children to be independent. It means giving them the tools to do work on their own for the future.

Family setup

Each children will be integrated in our little community in order for them to be fulfilled in their learning.

Love for learning

We instill the love of learning to children by incorporating leisure activities and encouraging them to express what they have understood

Curiosity & Exploration

Curiosity and exploration in children are how they manifest interest. We encourage them to be curious and discover an array of activities offered by our centre.


Self-confidence is one of the greatest tool to give to a child in order for them to accomplish any activity without doubting their own abilities.

Learn from the very best

Join our centre and make sure your children start cultivating a remarkable work ethic. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students unlock their full potential.